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Our Opticians are eager to share their expertise in specialized lenses with you! We offer lens options that are individually customized based on the needs of our patients. From the selection of lens material to the lens design that best fits your lifestyle, we will be there to assist.

We offer single vision, bifocals, trifocals and Varilux Progressive lens designs as well as other specialty lenses that will meet your vision needs. The material of lenses range from Plastic to the thinner and lighter in weight lenses.

Along with customizing your lens design and material we also offer a variety of lens enhancements including our most popular glare protection, Crizal. Crizal lenses provide protection against glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water, and UV light. Ask us about the newest Crizal product, Prevencia, designed to offer the most protection from harmful Blue-Violet light in everyday surroundings including sunlight, indoor lighting, and most digital screens.

Transitions Adaptive lenses and custom tints can also be added.

Lens options are not only customized for your everyday wear glasses but also for your sunglass needs. Ultraviolet radiation consist of invisible rays that can cause damage to your eyes. You are able to reduce the risk of overexposure from these UV rays by protecting your eyes. We offer Experio UV lenses that will reduce that blinding glare, provide clearer vision, scratch resistance and offer the most protection from those harmful UV rays.